National Partners in Healthcare (NPH) is deeply committed to keeping its employees safe and healthy during this unprecedented global pandemic. In furtherance of that goal, NPH has established a new Social Distancing in the Workplace Policy to mitigate against the spread of COVID-19.

As per our internal safety protocols, our goal is for everyone to maintain adequate social distancing in the workplace to the extent possible and avoid periods of close contact as defined by the CDC.  This includes maintaining adequate distances between workstations and avoiding meetings in which people can’t maintain a distance of 6 feet apart.  This is consistent with guidance provided by the CDC that 6- feet physical distancing and good hand hygiene are the most effective methods for preventing spread of the virus at work.

Social Distancing in the Workplace
Where possible and until further notice, all employees must follow the following steps when physically present in the workplace:

Entry and Exit:

  • Employees should maintain a six-foot distance from all others when entering and exiting the workplace.
  • Employees should also maintain a six-foot distance while at the temperature checking stations, see Temperature Checking Policy.
  • Employees should proceed directly to their workstation or designated work area. Employees should remain at their workstations or designated work areas for the duration of the time they are in the workplace, except for meal and rest breaks or as otherwise required to perform their job functions.

Workstations and Equipment:

  • Employees should only work in their own workstations or designated work areas. If employees share workspace, employees should not begin work until all proper sanitizing protocols have been followed. Please refer to our Cleaning Protocol Policy.
  • Employees should not share equipment. If employees have to share equipment as part of their work, employees should not begin to use the shared equipment until all proper sanitizing protocols have been followed.

Shared Spaces:

  • Employees should remain at their workstations or designated work areas when working.
  • Employees should not congregate in the hallways, restrooms, or other common spaces that remain open.
  • When moving around the workplace, employees should maintain a six-foot distance from all others when possible.
  • Employees are encouraged to take their breaks outside, in their vehicles, or other non-shared spaces where they can maintain social distancing.
  • The following shared spaces will be temporarily closed: kitchen, break room, conference rooms

Commuting and Travel:

  • If possible, avoid public transportation and shared-ride services when traveling to or from the workplace.
  • If the employee must take public transportation to travel to or from the workplace, consider adjusting schedule to travel before and after rush hour in order to maintain social distancing.

Contact with Others:

  • Where possible, all meetings and conferences must be conducted via telephone or WebEx.
  • If in-person contact is essential to the performance of the job, the employee should maintain a six-foot distance from all other individuals present.
If you cannot comply with any of the directives in this policy because of a disability, please contact Human Resources to discuss a reasonable accommodation.

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